In November 2010 Professor Simon Kay was named as one of Britain’s top 50 doctors by The Times a position he had already achieved in a previous poll 5 years earlier.


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Simon Kay´s Cosmetic Surgery Blog

Welcome to my cosmetic surgery blog.

Cosmetic surgery generates a great deal of interest, but there is much misinformation floating around.
This blog is designed to provide real-time information about this rapidly evolving field.

Is Silicone safe?

In 1990 the Connie Chung "Face to Face" chat show in the United States featured a woman who claimed that her advancing crippling systemic disease was the result of a condition wrought by her breast implants. The allegations were part of a lawsuit against Dow Corning, a huge multinational chemical company for whom a small part of their business was manufacturing silicone rubber and silicone elastomer gel. During the subsequent controversy and investigations, irregularities in the way Dow Corning had conducted its research into silicones was alleged and the Food and Drug Administration effectively suspended the use of silicone filled implants for cosmetic breast augmentation.

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