In November 2010 Professor Simon Kay was named as one of Britain’s top 50 doctors by The Times a position he had already achieved in a previous poll 5 years earlier.


Your Step by Step Process

Surgical appointments and procedures at either of these hospitals can be scheduled through my secretary and practice manager Andrea Kelly who holds an office in Spire Hospital Leeds and who can be contacted on:

Tel. 0113 2688788 / 0113 2185966or by Fax. 0113 2690003.
or by submitting a contact form.

Andrea can offer you general information about

  • surgical dates
  • costs
  • and the process of scheduling surgery

and is your first point of contact for anything organisational. She will always do her best to help you. Furthermore she will redirect you should you have a clinical enquiry either through myself or through Sister Dillow and her team. Andrea will schedule your outpatient appointments.

It is my usual practice for patients seeking any significant cosmetic surgery to see them at an initial appointment where I will:

  • listen to and examine them,
  • make recommendations about surgery and
  • offer advice which is supported usually by written information.

I then usually (unless there is a compelling reason not to) like patients to have some time to think about the advice I have given, to read the information supplied and then return to see me without charge to discuss their understanding and if appropriate schedule surgery.

It is very helpful if patients can bring a friend or relative with them as two pairs of ears are much better at hearing the details of what can be quite a complex consultation, and it gives patients somebody to discuss matters.

In some circumstances where patients want to meet me before committing to the full cost of a consultation I will hold a short ten minutes meeting without charge, which allows us to meet and exchange some information. If after that you wish to proceed to surgery I will, in keeping with Good Medical Practice, require a more detailed consultation for which there may be a charge depending upon the circumstances.