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The fees for surgery are given here as approximations. In most cases these are “in the region of” and the reasons for not quoting a single standard fee are that they differ slightly between the surgical centres, and that they can vary depending on the complexity of the problem. For example some facelifts involve very complex surgery whilst others are more simple and can cost less than the fee indicated. This applies to most operations.

However, you can be assured that when you are quoted a fee in writing it will be guaranteed for the next six months and that it will include all costs as well as any additional costs should you need further care. So, for example, if you need to return to theatre for wound care or bleeding or need antibiotics or frequent visits for infection, there will be no extra charge. The full details of this are discussed at your consultation, but you can be confident that the fee you are quoted is individualised for you and has no hidden extras!

Some indicative fees are quoted here, and others are quoted at the end of the information leaflet that applies. Andrea Kelly will be glad to answer any questions about fees and these can also be discussed at our first meeting.


TOTAL “in the region of ” subject to discussion:

NOTE fees may be lower or higher than quoted
Abdominoplasty after massive weight loss £7,125
Abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck: full” £5,235
Abdominoplasty and intermediate level liposuction £8,007
Abdominoplasty and minor liposuction £7,535
Abdominoplasty and breast augmentation (implants) £8,652 - £10,570
Abdominoplasty and breast lift (mastopexy) £9,034 - £10,924
Breast augmentation (round or teardrop implants) £4,327 - £4,567
Implant single breast £2,690
Breast reduction £5,567
Reduction single breast £3,191
Lower lid eyebag lift (blepharoplasty) daycase or overnight stay £2,927 - £3,197
Lower lid eyebag lift local anaesthetic £2,821
Upper lid eyebag lift daycase or overnight stay £2,534 - £2,719
Upper lid eyebag lift local anaesthetic £2,496
All four eyelid lift day case or overnight stay £3,567 - £3,817
Arm lift (brachioplasty) £4,017 - £5007
Brow-lift £3,908
Brow lift and all four eyelid lift £5,935
Face lift simple £6,963
Face & all four eyelids lift(depending on complexity ) Up to £8,868
Inverted nipples £2,120
Liposuction hips, knees and thighs £4,595
Liposuction intermediate including male gynaecomastia £3580 - £3830
Liposuction minor local or general anaesthesia £2,872
Mastopexy (breast lift) £4672
Mastopexy (beast lift) one side £2781
Mastopexy and breast implant £5946
Nymphectomy (labial; reduction) depending on anaesthesia £2427
Correct both prominent ears local or general anaesthesia £2262 - £2586
Rhinoplasty £4137